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Should the Desert Rose Dance Company decide to increase the number of dancers in the Company, a call will go out to all Desert Rose Studio members. One of the expectations is that you will be able to provide us with a coherent dance resume that can be reviewed. It is at the discretion of the Desert Rose Dance Company to ask one or more of the applicants of any process to audition.

All decisions at Desert Rose are made by the troupe with Samra having the final decision. As such, all matters of concern to the studio, the troupe, and the organization/structure of Desert Rose are openly discussed by the Desert Rose Dance Company on a regular and ongoing basis.

Dance Resume Form


Desert Rose Studio Membership entitles the student to unlimited Technique classes at the Midtown and Bartlett Locations, Unlimited Intermediate Wednesday night classes (with instructor approval), and placement on the performance roster. The membership is a one year agreement and costs $40 a month. Extra bonus benefits are added throughout the year.


Performance Opportunities for Student Members

General Information:

The formal name of the “troupe” is the Desert Rose Dance Company. “Troupe” is used as an internal, casual way of having a common language within the studio.

Some events are determined to be Desert Rose Dance Company events only. For paid events, only dancers in the Desert Rose Dance Company will be compensated. Desert Rose Dance Company active dancers have the first selection of dances with DRDC dancers in alumni status retaining the second choice of dances.

For those events that are not designated as such, the following information applies.
All Desert Rose students with an annual membership are on the list of potential performers. When a performance opportunity becomes available, the Date/Location/Dance Program/Rehearsal Schedule will be posted in as much advance as possible. Please note, sometimes there is very little notice.

Student Members who wish to dance must be able to say yes to all three of the following:

  • Be available for the event

  • Be able to demonstrate the dance chosen, by yourself, in advance of rehearsals

  • Be available for the rehearsal schedule

  • Student Members who wish to participate, but cannot due to lack of readiness to demonstrate the dance as a solo, can schedule private lessons at the rate of $45 an hour. The instructors for private lessons will be Samra, Feyrouz, or a Desert Rose Dance Company dancer selected by Samra.

    Members Only Mini Workshops